ART CINEMA is proud to announce our third publication: The Photograph That Changed My Life by Zelda Cheatle, the pioneering British photography curator and gallerist. More than 50 acclaimed photographers, musicians, filmmakers and collectors each tell her about their life-changing encounters with a single photograph. Their candid stories, presented alongside their chosen photographs, give unparalleled insights into their creative influences.


Untitled by Neša Paripović. © Neša Paripović. Mid-1970s

The photograph that changed ALEX PRAGER’s life

‘I have loved this image by Neša Paripović for a very long time… I not only want to know what happens next but what lead him to this moment. I was just beginning to experiment with the idea of producing scenes that walked a line between reality and artifice, when I discovered this picture. Here in this frame is the perfect balance of a meticulously staged scenario joined with the raw and wild. The stakes are high but the comedy of life still triumphs.’

The full list of contributors:

Alec Soth, Alex Prager, Andy Summers, Adam Broomberg, Arthur Tress, Awoiska van der Molen, Barry Lewis, Bill Borden, David Bailey, David George, Don McCullin, Donovan Wylie, Duane Michals, Eileen Perrier, Gareth McConnell, Gregory Crewdson, Hannah Starkey, Harriet Logan, Jack Davison, Jocelyn Pook, Joel-Peter Witkin, John Claridge, Joy Gregory, Mari Mahr, Max Richter, Megan Winstone, Michael Walter, Mick Lindberg, Nadav Kander, Nan Goldin, Nion McEvoy, Pierre Brahm, Ralph Gibson, Richard Gere, Richard Learoyd, Robert Taylor, Roger Ballen, Ryan McGinley, Sandra Lousada, Seamus McGarvey, Seamus McGibbon, Seamus Murphy, Simon Norfolk, Sue Davies, Takashi Arai, Tessa Traeger, Todd Hido, Valerie Sadoun, W.M. Hunt, Yulia Mahr, Zhang Kechun.

“I could never have predicted their choices nor the stories,” writes Zelda Cheatle about her contributors. “They have all been themselves. They haven’t tried to write something their agent would say was a good idea – they have written from the heart.”


ZELDA CHEATLE’s life in photography and the arts has encompassed being a photographer, gallerist, publisher, curator, lecturer and author. After working at The Photographers’ Gallery, she opened the Zelda Cheatle Gallery in 1989, where, until 2005, she exhibited important work by British and international artists – including Helen Chadwick, Eve Arnold, Berenice Abbott, Sarah Moon, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Lee Miller, James Van Der Zee, Robert Frank and Abbas Kiarostami among many others. Her gallery consistently showed young and emerging artists and the Zelda Cheatle Press published monographs on contemporary British artists and photographers.

She continues to curate and publish, to review and challenge photography.